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I'm Emmy. I'm well-intentioned but a little slow on the uptake. Child of the barricade, Sleepyhead, Hufflepuff, hobbit-hole-dweller, secret musical star. My best friend is a goddess and a Water Steed. Fantasy is my jam. I'm currently writing a novel called Skybringer and have a blog devoted to it (see link above), but I'll talk about it a lot here. I also draw many, many pictures of people's heads with lyrics floating around them. I get excited about life, the universe, and everything and will yell about it frequently. Please, make yourself at home, and feel free to give a yell.



Kristen Stewart is having none of your gendered bull shit

kristen is an actual kickass feminist who speaks up aaaall the time and gets so little credit for it

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how may I help you today? we have a sale on men’s cardigans perfect for the fall weathe


how may I help you today? we have a sale on men’s cardigans perfect for the fall weathe

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I started thinking just now of this time a week or so ago I went out to push carts and there were two little fledgling mourning doves underneath one of the carts

and I stood and watched them a minute and wondered if their mama was watching over them from one of the trees

I was worried somebody would try to pull the cart out and accidentally roll over them, but then they stood up and bobbed away, following each other, and oh, they were so sweet

Nobody else thought it was that cool, but I thought it was the coolest thing I had seen all week

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#mourning doves make me so happy  #i think they're wonderful  #they're adorable and their colors are pretty and they have big soft eyes and they coo  #and it just sounds so sweet  #back at the old house we had so many of them around  #we had so much of all types of wildlife and i've missed that since we moved far into a town  #i remember driving to elementary school in the mornings  #and the sun was rising peach and gold and red in the sky  #and the mourning doves would sit on the fences and the wooden posts out by the alleyway  #between our house and the church field  #and you could hear them making their soft little coos  #i used to always see them at sunrise so i used to think they were called morning doves  #because they were out and about in the mornings  #and there were so many rabbits too  #we saw foxes and coyotes and raccoons and possums and mice  #animals  #this has been a post  #and in the fall the grackles would congregate in the huge trees and make an enormous fuss and we'd run by screaming and clapping  #or stick our heads out the kitchen window and bang pot lids together  #and we had great big fence lizards that lived under the cement block and did little push-ups  #and little common snakes my dad would pick up and show us and let us touch  #and the calico that slept on the roof of the neighbor's house  #we used to take cinder out to the back yard sometimes and she'd stroll around in the sun and them lie down  #and i used to go to the fence by the birdbath and ursula would stand there and beat her tail and i'd feed her bread crusts through the chain  #there are a lot of things i forgot about that house  #i miss that place 

I’ve started listening to the soundtrack of Wolf Children while writing, if that gives you any indication of how my short story is going

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I think cheek kisses are really cute. I don’t know why. There’s something really sweet and innocent about a kiss on the cheek. Sometimes they’re nicer than lip kisses. I like cheek kisses. Cheek kisses are cute.

cheek kisses are my favourite 

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